Adding new users to Raspberry pi

In this post I am going to discuss how to add new users to Raspberry Pi and why you want to.


Users and usergroups are important even if you are a super user. Run the wrong application or script as an incorrect user and things can get bad really fast depending on the script (or you can think giving a young person root access). User groups are there to save us from our self. I have a few scripts I run that have to run that ask before you start if you sure you want to run as root user group. So in this short tutorial I am going to show you how to add a user and give the needed user group permissions.

Adding a user

Adding new users to raspberry pi is easy, just run

sudo adduser newuser

This command will add a /home/newuser folder and create a new group “newuser”

If you ever need to edit the password fo newuser just use the command:

sudo passwd newuser

If you want to really dig into the adduser run the following

 man adduser

Give user permissions

I am sure you would like the user to be able to have some permissions lets give them the basics

sudo adduser newuser dialout audio video games users

need to remove the permissions just as easy as adding them

sudo deluser newuser root

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