About this Blog – Kristopher-Michael Powers

Welcome to Code and Coffee, I am Kristopher-Michael Powers (KMP) and this is a blog for a highly caffeinated coder. Focusing on Embedded System, Cluster Computing, and Coffee. So Hello Code! Hello, coffee! And of course Hello World!


My hope is all who read this blog will contribute and grow alongside me. This blog will primarily be focusing on Embedded System, Cluster computing, Coding and of course Coffee. I will venture into other domains but these items will be my main goal.

Who am I:

Kristopher-Michael Powers at a spartan race

That’s me struggling to get over the wall in a Spartan Race. This is the definition of who I am as a person. I enjoy doing new things and pushing myself harder than the day before. I am married to my amazing, supportive and beautiful wife. We are a small family with a joyful young son that joined us in November 2016. I currently have a Masters in Electrical Engineering with a focus in Computer Engineering.

Ever since I was young I have had a passion for computers and all things technology. My first memory of programming was in 2003 learning Java. I made a simple amusement park tycoon game that lives on a USB drive in my desk that I like to boot up and laugh at every now and then.

In 2007 I began to learn Basic and build my first robot. It was a basic kit robot with zero frills called a BOE bot. This bad boy had whiskers to tell it had bumped into walls and to back up and turn. It was not much but it was my little robot
First robot

Collage was when I was able to really dig into robots. The result was Bandersnatch a quad-core Pic18F4321 robot. Build from the ground up we spend long nights programming Bandersnatch in C++ to control its wide range of devices. The sweet included IR communication, Soar, IR range finders, Speed Controls, and Servos.

Second Robot


Along the way, I was brought into a project in collaboration with two University to build a ground vehicle for a company. This was a monster of a project. I took on the lead as the manager for Communications team. Unfortunately, Time was a major constraint and I was unable to get my hands dirty with code.
Northrup and Grumman ground rover


The plan for this goal will be to perform 3 posts a week:

Monday: Tutorials
Wednesday: Code Challenges
Friday: Open Forum ( Discussions of Coffee, Code, and current project overview)


Due to a continued desire for knowledge and coffee, this blog has emerged. I have a desire to share what I am learning. This page allows growing and sharing the life of coding with others. I was inspired by John Sonmez of SimpleProgramer.com I highly recommend you check out his youtube channel for some amazing life advice for software developers.