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AWS 100 – Services Overview

This is a services overview of AWS, below you will find all services listed on the AWS page and an explanation of what they do.

Certifications – There are currently 9 AWS certifications available

When available links will be added to provide a more in-depth analysis of each service.

Overall AWS has 22 Regions and 61 Availability Zones.

AWS Global Infrastructure

Region – a geographical area made up of an availability zone

Availability zone – is a data center that is in a region. Normally they are separated to ensure acts of God do not take down an area.

Edge location – Are endpoints for AWS that are used for caching content. Typically used for CloudFront and Amazon’s CDN

Exam tips – Understand the difference between region, availability zone and edge location


EC2 – Elastic Compute Cloud – Basically a Virtual machine
LightSail – Virtual Private Server service – Sets you up with a server that is a basic version of EC2
Elastic Container Service –  Run and manager Docer Containers at scale
Lambda – Code that is uploaded to the cloud and executed on the cloud
Batch – Used for Batch computing (not tested)
Elastic Beanstalk – Used with developers to help auto scale code


S3 – Simple Storage Service – Object-based storage
EFS – Elastic File system – network attached storage
Glacier – Data archival for very cheap and long-term storage
Storage Gateway – Virtual appliances – Virtual storage on site


RDS – Relational Database service – like MySQL
DynamoDB – Non relational Database –
ElastiCache – Way to Cache relational databases so as to not always perform a lookup on your db
Amazon Redshift – Used for really complex queries


AWS Migration Hub – Tracking service as you migrate
Application Discovery Service – Automated set of tools detects what Applications you have and what they need
Database Migration Service – Very easy way to migrate your databases and keep track of the migration
Server Migration Service – Very easy way to migrate physical and virtual servers
Snowball – service where Amazon sends you a drive and you put your data on it and send it back to Amazon

Network & Content Delivery

VPC – Virtual private cloud  – Virtual datacenter (setup network settings such as routing tables etc) Major portion of the certification
CloudFront – Amazons content delivery service – Moves the data closer the user for faster service
Route 53 – Amazon DNS service
API Gateway – A way to create your own API for services to connect to
Direct Connect – Way to run a dedicated line to Amazon

Developer Tools

CodeStar – A project collaboration tool for code
CodeCommit – place to store your code
CodeBuild – A tool to compile and test your code
CodeDeploy – A deployment service to your EC2 and Lamda
CodePipeline – Allows you to visualize and modify your release process
Cloud9 – IDE Environment to develop inside the web browser
X-Ray – Allows you to find the root cause of issues and bottlenecks

Managment Tools

CloudWatch – Monitoring service (VERY important for SYS ops exam)
CloudFormation – Scripting infrastructure – Makes it very easy to building infrastructure. (solutions architect and professional)
CloudTrail – A logging to capture changes within AWS
Config – Monitors your AWS environment
OpsWorks – Use Chef and Puput, allows you to automate your environment (like bean stock)
Service Catalog – Allows you to manage services used in government and big companies
Systems Manager – Interface to managing EC2 and grouping resources
Trusted Advisor – Gives you advice around Security, Cost optimization etc  (all exams)
Managed Services – Helps you with auto scaling

Media Services

Elastic Transcoder – Takes a video and  resizes it and compresses it for iPhone, Android, PC, ETC
MediaConvert – Create video and on-demand and broadcast video
MediaLive – Creates high-quality video
MediaPackage – prepares and protects your video
MediaStore – storage optimized for media – live and on-demand video
MediaTailor – targeted advertising without affecting the quality

Machine Learning

SageMaker – Makes it easy for Deep learning using neural networks
Comprehend – Sentiment analysis
AWS DeepLens – Artifitaly aware camera – can identify what the camera is looking at
Lex – What powers amazon Alexa service
Machine Learning – Basic level of learning using a dataset
Polly – Takes Text and turns it into speech (and sounds good)
Rekognition – Tells you what is in a file or a video
Transcribe – Automatic Closed captions with Amazon
Translate – Amazon’s automatic version of translate


Athena – Allows you to run SQL queries against your S3 buckets
EMR – Elastic map reduce – Processes large amounts of data
CloudSearch – Search service For AWS
Elasticsearch Service -Search service
Kinesis – Importer of large amounts of data into AWS
QuickSight – Business analytics service that makes it easy to build visualizations, perform ad-hoc analysis, and quickly get business insights from your data.
Data Pipeline – Moving data between AWS services
AWS Glue – Uses for Extract, Format and Transform data of use in other services

Security & Identity & Compliance

IAM – Identity Access Managment – Usernames
Cognito – Device authentication and request resources from AWS
Secrets Manager –
GuardDuty – Monitors for malicious activities on your account
Inspector – A demon that runs on your EC2 instances and generates reports of vulnerabilities
Macie – Scan your S3 and identifies if there is any personal information and alerts you
AWS Single Sign-On –
Certificate Manager – SSL certificates for Free
CloudHSM – Hardware security module – used to store your hardware keys and encryption keys
Directory Service – Integrating your Microsoft active directory
WAF – Web application firewall – Firewall for the application layer
Shield  – DDOS mitigation
Artifact – Used for audit and compliance

Mobile Services

Mobile Hub – Setups AWS services for Mobile
AWS AppSync – Updates the Web Mobile and offline users
Device Farm – Testing apps on real devices
Mobile Analytics – Analytics service for mobile


Sumerian – Common set of tools for AR and VR

Application Integration

Step Functions – Way of Managing different Lambda functions
Amazon MQ – Message Queuing
Simple Notification Service – Notification for email or phone
Simple Queue Service – Decoping your infrastructure sets a queue and processing
SWF – Simple workflow – Used to simplify and ensure correct workflow

Customer Engagement

Connect – Contact center as a service
Pinpoint – Push notifications for Mobile
Simple Email Service – Used for sending large amounts of email

Business Productivity

Alexa for Business – Use Alexa set up automatic jobs for Business
Chime – Videoconferencing
WorkDocs – Online document storage
WorkMail – Amazons Email service

Desktop & App Streaming

WorkSpaces – Running an OS in the cloud and streams to a device
AppStream 2.0 – Streaming the application from the cloud to a device

Internet of Things

IoT Core –
IoT 1-Click –
IoT Device Management – allows you to manage all the devices
IoT Analytics –
Greengrass – software that runs on connected devices for frequent offline devices.
FreeRTOS – and OS for microprocessors

Game Development

GameLift – Develop games in the Cloud

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