AWS – Associate exams

What do I need to know for the AWS Associate exams?

The Associate exams are the basic level exam for AWS Certification. For an appendix of all the services check out this page. Each exam has a cost of around $150
Here is the summary of exam details for AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate certification.

  • Number of Questions: ~60 Multiple Choice Questions (Amazon keeps on changing the number of questions)
  • Exam Duration: 80 Minutes
  • Passing Score: 65% – 72% (Not fixed, may vary according to statistics)
  • Exam Cost: $150 (The price is common across all the countries)

Sysops Administrator Associate exam:

The Sysops Administrator is the most focused and is the hardest associate exam. The exam blueprint can be found here. The exam includes

  • AWS Global Infrastructure
  • Compute
  • Storage
  • Databases
  • Networking & Content Delivery
  • Managment tools
  • Security & Identity & Compliance
  • Application Integration

Developer Associate exam:

Developer Associate is the easiest of the certs this exam focuses on Dinamo DB, Analytics, Compute and S3. Topics include everything in the Sysops exam and add Analytics. The exam blueprint can be found here. The focus will be on

  • Compute
  • Storage
  • Databases
  • Analytics

Solutions Architect Associate exam:

The associate includes everything in the Developer Associate but at a broader range because of this, there are 2 additional services. The exam blueprint can be found here. Dinamo DB, Analytics, Compute and S3 as not as heavily tested.

  • Migration
  • Desktop & App Streaming


VPC’s are the focus of all exams and will be tested deeply in all 3 levels of associate exams.

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