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Keeping my cost low is important and AWS Billing features give you the ability to set up notifications. With AWS there are many free services in AWS but sometimes they are not enough and you need to set up some paid services. Today I am going to take you through making a simple billing notification to ensure you stay on budget and shut down any EC2 instances that may be causing you some extra cash.

Setting up AWS Billing

First, let’s log into AWS and click on your name and click on “Billing Dashboard”.  Down at the bottom, there is a link for monitoring your charges click the Enable Now button.

Once clicked, you will be taken to a new page. Tick the checkbox for “Receive Billing Alerts”. It is important to note that once enabled it can never be disabled. It is important to note you get 10 free alarms and 1000 free notifications each month with the free tier. Next click on “Manage Billing Alarms” to set your alarms.

This link will take you to the cloud watch page when you can set up your account. Click Create alarm and set up the amount that you want a notification. Type in your email address and click “Create Alarm”. You will get an email that you have 72 hrs to verify the setup.

Once confirmed set up takes about 1 min and then your status should turn to OK. The Threshold will send an email when the EstimatedCharges is greater than $10 in the next 6 hours.

Now you AWS billing notification are all set up and you will receive emails when the projected costs are to high.

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