Find your Raspberry Pi’s IP Address

In this post I talk about how to identify your raspberry pi’s IP address. It is an easy process and can be done in a few minutes.

1 Connect your Raspberry Pi to the network

Using an Ethernet cable or WiFi, connect your Raspberry Pi to your local network. Log into your modem or router. Note down the IP addresses. Boot the Raspberry Pi and look for a new IP Address. Alternatively you can serial into you Pi and get the IP address

2 Using ping

Open a shell, or open the CMD on windows and run:

ping raspberrypi

3 Using nmap

Nmap is a powerful tool that will scan you local network to find all devices that are connected to a subnet. First we need to know the IP of our current computer. Open up your main computers network settings:

Mac: cmd + space, then search for Network Utility.

Windows: Control Panel > Network and Sharing Center > View network connections.

Linux: type “hostname -I” in a shell.

You’re IP address will be 192.168.#.###. Almost always computers on the same network share the first three octets: 192.168.1. I have mine configured to 192.168.2.

To describe the IP range we use the notation  this is the entire range of IP addresses between and

Once we determine the subnet range, we’ll use it with the nmap command:

sudo nmap -sn

You’ll then see a list of devices connected to the network:

Congratulations you have all your device IP addresses. Do with this as you wish.

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