Giving Peggy a Face – The idea

This post is just going to begin taking, it may be updated but for now it is just a mind dump, about the idea of giving a visual aspect to Peggy. The GUI will give a full overview of the system and help to identify her needs easily. I image software that has all the features of proxmox but built for a cluster environment not a virtual environment.

You can see the software in action on Hak5’s youtube page or learn more by visiting the Proxmox page directly. Proxmox Virtual Environment’s source code is published under the free software license GNU AGPL, v3 and thus is freely available via code repository (git) for download, use and share.

Feature breakdown

Script to Uptime, CPU, Disk, Network, and GPU usage
Ability to upload code to the nodes
Simple GUI to show what nodes are online
GUI that shows Uptime, CPU, Disk, Network, and GPU usage
Hardware feedback: Battery status

The Backbone

I am thinking the program should use a small script or service running on each of the clusters that updates on request from the master node. The thought is periodically the system sends out a status payload to all nodes the nodes take this update there internal status and then sends back a payload only pertaining to that node. What this does is it reduces network traffic as one packet goes out to all nodes rather then multiple requests. Then small packets are returned indicating status.

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