A pie walks into a bar

I am currently working on a small (about 24) node Pi Zero clusters code name Peggy. A Pi Zero is a low-cost computer equipped with 1 USB mini 1 HDMI port and an unpopulated header. If you want to create your own you can use any single board computer running Linux.

For more info on the PEGGY project click here

A Pi Zero normally run for about $5 each if you can find them. I was able to pick mine up on the cheap thanks to a few of my friends so thank you to all of them.

To get the cluster up and running I need to be able to connect to the internet. The first problem is the Pi Zeros do not have a network card. So off to get a few supplies from aliexspress or from Amazon. The Amazon USB included if you want the ports. Although I think it may need power. I have gone with the Aliexpress. I am unsure if they will work with the Linux OS but when I get them in I will let you know. A few reviews say it does no but what do you expect from a $1 part.

The next problem is my cluster is in an area where I can’t run Ethernet to it. Enter my “I don’t want to go to Frys and buy a wireless card solution” detailed in the blog post here. In this post, I talk about setting up my Raspberry Pi 3 to do the supply of internet to the cluster.

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