How to prevent Scope Creep

Did you know the best way to learn is to do? I love to build project but just like many people, I have a major problem. It is called scope creep. Every day I have to fight it. I have to tell myself no, you can’t do this right now you need to stick to the scope. I find myself working on a small project over here and a small project over there. In the end, I learned a little bit but nothing to make me feel confident about what I’m doing or what I have learned.

What is scope creep

Scope creep is a danger, a disaster, a wolf in sheep clothing. It is what happens when an object is not strongly defined. It is continuous uncontrolled growth. Now do not to be confused with feature creep which is very closely related.
If you have this time watch thisvideo about scope creep. It is a 9 minute humors video about how the military wanted a troop transport that turned into a disaster.

A well-known scope creep in he video game industry The Elder Scrolls: Arena. This game was originally a “medieval style gladiator game.” Scope creep quickly expanded the game into an open-world, epic role-playing game. In this case, the scope creep was a good thing and ended up spawning several successful sequels of increasing complexity but was in no way a medieval gladiator game in the end. On the bad side of things, we have EverQuest Next Landmark. Starting off as a beautiful rendered version of Minecraft it quickly spun out of control when they tried to get more player base and added features to the game that were not in the original proposal.

Prevent scope creep

When you are doing a project by yourself or with a small team creeping is a very bad thing. Your goal is to learn yes, but if you a not focused you never able to learn to a deep understanding of the project you are working on. Without a clearly defined set of requirements, your project will become nothing what it originally started as with features you never knew it needed, I use needed loosely here. The way to fight scope creep is to kill it before it even starts. Draw a box around the topic you’re learning and declaring, I’m going to learn THIS and nothing else. Try and remind yourself whenever you sit down to your project to stay focused and work on one thing. Later you can begin to add but right now, finish the task. Use PM tools like Monday, Trillo and Pivital tracker. Set your mind on one task at a time and aim to complete it.

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